Try Cannington Lawn Mowing If You Want a Dense Turf.

Do you have any idea on how to enhance the beauty of the most prominent aspect of your home? We’re obviously dealing with your lawn. Caring for one’s lawn is no easy task especially if you’re no green thumb.

Today, however, many homeowners can readily avail of  anytime of the day.  But before you click on the mouse, here are some effective bright lawn mowing ideas that you yourself can start doing:

cannington lawn mowing

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Use the correct equipment – Know which mower is best for what type of grass, for instance:

  • reel mower for Bermuda grass
  • rotary mower for all other types

Sharpen the blades – Sharp mower blades give a neat uniform result unlike dull blades which produce a ragged look. Sharp blades don’t damage the grass.

Maintain mowing height – Most grasses have an ideal mowing height of 2 inches, although some prefer a shorter cut like the Bermuda. In case of drought, let the grass grow an extra half inch to lessen the stress from cutting.

Observe mowing frequency – Grasses that grow fast need frequent mowing. There are varieties that grow quickly during wet seasons. Mowing twice a week is fine. However, you’ll need less mowing like once a week on a hot, cold or dry weather since the growth is slower. If you have buffalo grass, you’ll need to mow every two to three weeks.

If you do your mowing properly, chances are your grass will not only grow healthy but they will also make your lawn appear luscious and pretty. Therefore, it is important to take into consideration the proper mowing equipment to use and how often you should mow.

Remember to always keep the grass at its optimum height to make it healthy. Cannington lawn mowing will give you a dense turf. By that, you’ll successfully shut out the weeds. By and large, you’ll need less time and effort in caring for your lawn.